-8% BMW Motorrad Κράνος Helmet GS Carbon Black Matt ΚΡΑΝΗ

The helmet GS, which is based on the off-road scene, impresses with its very sporty design. By selecting a carbon helmet shell in combination with the integrated neckstraps for BMW, it offers maximum safety for its driver. For the best possible driving comfort, the combination of helmet shield and spoiler in the wind tunnel was aerodynamically optimized.


  • Enduro helmet with fiber-reinforced helmet shell made of 100% carbon fiber
  • Steaming EPS inner shell
  • Aerodynamically optimized, detachable helmet shield
  • Aerodynamically effective spoiler
  • Very effective ventilation system in the entire head area
  • Chin / sight ventilation with chin flap can be closed
  • Detachable chin flap for free flow during off-road driving (with dust filter)
  • Double disc visor for optimum anti-fogging effect, outer disc coated on both sides without scratching
  • Removable and washable comfort pad
  • Neck straps for secure fit of the helmet
  • Low weight
  • Homologated according to ECE 22-05
  • Preparing BMW motorcycle communication system
  • Can be optimally combined with BMW Motorrad Neck Brace System



Shell made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (100% CFK), no visible optics; Steering inner shell of EPS (expanded polystyrene), five individual segments in different densities for best safety performance

Προσοχή:  Τα  γυαλιά (goggles) δεν περιλαμάνονται.




Χαρακτηριστικά Κράνους
Τύπος ΚράνουςEnduro / Motocross
Υλικό Κατασκευής ΚράνουςFull Carbon
Βάρος Κράνους +- 50gr1450
Αφαιρούμενα Εσωτερικά ΚράνουςΝαι
Εσωτερική Ζελατίνα Ηλίου ΚράνουςΌχι
Προεγκατάσταση Bluetooth ΚράνουςΌχι
Bluetooth® ΚράνουςΠροαιρετικό
Ενδοεπικοινωνία (Intrercom)Προαιρετικό

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BMW Motorrad Κράνος Helmet GS Carbon Black Matt

  • BMW Motorrad
  • Κωδικός: 76318553011-16
  • 671,00€
  • 617,32€
  • Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 497,84€
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